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Friday, April 19, 2024
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The Charity of Giving – Philanthropy in Business, by Stephen Taylor.

Sharing, helping others, and ensuring people who’ve struggled or are struggling have equal rights and access to building themselves a better life: are the core foundations that my charitable giving is founded on.

It’s how I was brought up and, frankly, how I believe most Jewish people are brought up – to share and to help others. 

Those of us fortunate enough to have made a success of our own lives in a business sense can enjoy the rewards that come with being a committed philanthropist within our business communities, and can also pass that sense of accomplishment onto others to encourage them to build their own Charitable giving networks.

A Charity really dear to my heart, for a great many years now, is The Boys Clubhouse.

The Boys Clubhouse is the only Jewish charity in the UK that is solely dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for disadvantaged and disillusioned young men and teenage boys. The Boys’ Clubhouse is all too often their last, and even only, the hope of support, both in an emotional and financial capacity.

Boys and Young Men who have been abandoned and neglected, who have in the old-fashioned sense ‘fallen by the wayside, can be assured of judgement-free, experienced, helping hands at this remarkable charity.

Many of the teenagers that the Boys Clubhouse works with have either been excluded from school, or have voluntarily dropped out of education, and have withdrawn from the home support that could have helped them to overcome these issues. 

For far too many teenage boys and young men, these matters balloon into the beginning of a downward spiral to drug and alcohol addiction, sleeping rough, gambling, and crime.

The Boys’ Clubhouse steps in to offer hope where previously there may have been none, and I’ve always thought that this magnificent Charity deserves all the plaudits and funds available to it. 
If you think you can help to support the Charity, they are always looking for Sponsors and/or Donations, and you can contact them directly to find out more.



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