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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Pests are Hard at Work – Sort Of!

September in the world of the great British gardener is an interesting month, especially if you’re more interested in the wildlife it brings in than the actual gardening itself!

I’ve never been much of a one for all the digging and raking and weeding in a garden, much preferring the ‘overgrown wilderness’ look (and how great is it that this is now in fashion and even environmentally friendly?!), because the great thing about a wildlife-friendly garden is, well, all the wildlife you can attract.

Interestingly too, it’s obvious to me that I’m sub-consciously designating my garden visitors into pest and welcome visitor categories.

We’re well past the ‘Sex-Pest’ period of spring, thankfully. No more screaming Urban Foxes who, without any sense of fear, can hop even the most forbidding fence or hedge and destroy your peaceful night’s sleep with their Sex-Pest ways for weeks at a time….

Don’t get me wrong, the Cubs, if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them, are cute as heck but goodness me those loud, rambunctious, Sex-Pest adults during the early Spring months, eh?!

So at least September is quieter, but high on the gardening pest meter this month overall, as the flies and wasps urgently and fervently live their last weeks and can destroy any of your remaining fruit crops, as well as mice and squirrels frantically gathering in food stores before the winter really kicks in.

The cats, of course, love this time of year while the mice really seem to have their guard down. So that’s another type of pest issue, isn’t it? The almost daily discovery of a lifeless (bonus points for headless also) corpse on your front doorstep.

I’ve read that your cat is bringing you a gift as you seem, to his eyes at least, unable to hunt for yourself but I’ve always wondered if it isn’t, in fact, a far more sinister warning. ‘Beware Human, for look at what I can accomplish…..’.

I’ll personally be glad when September is over and I can sit out in my overgrown wilderness without fear of attacks from wasps and flies, which at present are utterly ferocious. I’m planning to venture out this week to pick the last of the useable fruit and to tip the windfall stuff into the compost heap in the hope that the visiting pests may decline, and I might enjoy a coffee outside in peace (with a big jumper on, obviously!).

More Pest reports will be incoming throughout the year: and now I think of it, surely there’s a viable market for a Garden Pest-Watch TV series and associated merchandise too?!

Always looking for a business angle, even among the wasps.



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