About Us

Spreading good news, positive thoughts, and sharing success stories amongst the UK’s Jewish Community.

It’s important in these increasingly divisive times that we all come together, and that’s the ultimate aim of this website. To bring those of us within the Jewish Business Community together, and to give space for us to talk about our favoured Jewish Charitable organisations so that we can increase and build up a Community Philanthropy Network.

The creation of this Website is the brain-child of Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Stephen Taylor who is the owner and founder of both Propaganda and Sweet Concepts in London.

The Jewish Business Community is a vibrant, engaged, inventive space that is filled with remarkable individuals and stories. We’re looking forward to featuring some of them for you in this space, and hope that members of the Community will contact us with their news too, so that we can really turn this into a valuable resource.

We’ll also be taking the opportunity to highlight some of the Jewish Charities that we all support, and perhaps some that you’ve never heard of or come across before will prompt you to contact them to see how you could help out.

Our Mission Statement: to highlight the good, positive, and uplifting news from within the UK’s Jewish Business Community, building a valuable resource tool for all who use it.